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Some of the Best Topics to Include in a Home Bible Study Group
To start with, love is a huge topic for all Christians, because it is among the most important values that we need so that we may coexist well with our neighbors, which happens because it gives us an opportunity to treat others as we would like to be treated, and according to Mathew, love is the first and the greatest command from God, and to effectively conduct a study with love as its topic, you will need reference from James 2:8, which teach us about how we should treat our neighbors, and the chapters of Romans 12, and 1 Corinthians 13, which are both referred to as the chapters of love because they insist how love is second from Christ.
The other topic that is worth considering when hosting a home scripture study group is the topic of obedience, which can easily lead to contradiction among followers because some people would argue with a verse in Acts 5:29, which teach that we should obey God and not men, and this can be illustrated by a prisoner who leaves prison and is supposed to report to the parole officer in charge, but argues using this verse, but the prisoner would be wrong because the other Bible teachings that are applicable in such a situation advice otherwise, which is the case of romans 13:1, which explain how God is the one who gives authority to men, and Romans 13:2, which teach of how God is a servant to the good doers and will not spare the wrong does.
Next in our items of consideration for a topic suitable to be discussed in a scripture study group is learning how to pray, and this is important considering that even the disciples of Jesus admired how Jesus prayed, other than all the miracles that Jesus performed like healing the sick, walking on water or even raising the dead, because they would observe the level of intense moment he had with God the Father, which would also be valuable for the members of the bible study group because they would get a chance to h with God and communicate with HIM
The last topic of consideration for a bible study is the power of learning how to fellowship, which according to its original Greek word koinonia means association, union or communion, which is a great practice for the people in a bible study because through it they get an opportunity to interact well with each other and God, especially for those who are in the same group, and can also be used alongside the topic of love because fellowship use love to bring people together for a common mind, spirit and purpose of glorifying the Lord God our Lord.

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